The future depends on intelligent buildings. 

Rp Technik Australia


The Baduhild union in Wickede founded a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing electric energy and generating oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen

 A large part of the generated oxygen was supplied to the Vereinigte Walz- und Röhren AG, Hohenlimburg (the predecessor company of Wurag or Wuragrohr, Wickede).
To restrict the transport of oxygen between Wickede and Hohenlimburd, the tube production was gradually transferred to Wickede. The factory in Wickede was acquired by the WURAG iron and steel works of Hohenlimburg, and was managed as a subsidiary factory.



Liquidation of the Baduhild union


The Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG worked autonomously as an operating company within the group under the name of Wuragrohr GmbH  After the Second World War important investments were made, such as the expansion of the factory. From the late 40s the Wuragrohr GmbH became the major supplier of welded and cold drawn steel tubes in Germany and abroad.
Cold profiles were being produced on a small scale from the mid-20s - 75 years of experience in cold profiling!
At the end of the 40s, the competence of welded precision round beam pipes of welded section tubes and the first special section tubes = RP-tubes were extended for windows and doors.



 At the end of 1951 there was a change of ownership, a change from the united steelworks to the Rheinischen tube works of Mülheim



Merger of the Rheinischen tube works with Phoenix AG and later the Thyssen tube works

Production reaches over 70.000 tons per year during the mid 60s



On 01.10.1966 the Wuragrohr becomes the property of the steel and tube works of Reisholz GmbH, Düsseldorf-Reisholz, in which Baron Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza holds shares.


Division of labour of the Thyssen-tube works and Mannesmann = all tube activities are transferred to Mannesmann and the Mannesmann tube-works, all activities in the so-called flat area on the Thyssen-Group

Wuragrohr is introduced into the Mannesmann tube-works


In 1973, only work with central administration in Düsseldorf is conducted


Mannesmann tube works and the Hoesch Rohr AG merge, the company is based in Hamm. The new company MHP Mannesmann Hoesch precision tubes belongs 50% to Mannesmann tube works and to the Krupp company, which later assigns its part to Mannesmann.


The MHP company is strongly restructured, and there is an organisational separation of the work parts


On 01.01.1995 RP Technik GmbH Mannesmann is founded as an independent 100% owned subsidiary of MHP. The reasons for this are: increasing demand for steel systems for facades, windows and doors in a competitive market.

RP Technik develops rapidly and positively after the founding. The strong RP brand stands for current, modern steel systems Despite the success RP Technik is put up for sale in 1999


On 01.01.2000 the takeover by the Welser Profile AG, which since 1955 holds a business relationship with RPT. 

Through the acquisition made by Welser Profile AG, the closure of the production from Wickeder Werkes takes place, which is done gradually until the end of 2001.


Mid 2002 the move to Bönen

RP-System Technology with solutions for all requirements of modern architecture - Façades, glass roofs, interior walls, windows, doors, processing and special solutions.

The superior quality of our materials, innovation and attention to detail are part of the foundation that form RP Technik Australia, as well as the uncontrollable concern for the satisfaction of our customers, partners and teams.


The future depends on intelligent buildings.

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