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High-quality steel glazing systems - Rp Technik Australia

Welser Profile is a leading manufacturer of bespoke sections, tubes, components and complete systems made from steel and non- ferrous metals for virtually every industry you can think of. RP Technik Australia is a company of the Welser Profile Group. We specialise in profile solutions in building, design and architecture. Our prominence is based on know-how, providing the user with profile systems which are convincing in terms of the technology and simplicity with which processing takes place. Accordingly, the RP Technik Australia product range includes components for: facade systems, facade tower systems and thermally insulated and non-insulated door and window systems. Depending on the specifications, the RP Technik Australia systems may include: Wind load Air permeability Water tightness Shock resistance Bullet-resistance Burglar resistance Thermal insulation Sound insulation Finger-trapping protection Duration function Fire and smoke protection. As a leading supplier in Australia of customized glazing systems for curtain walls, glass roofs, windows and doors we consider it our mission to: maximise freedom in design; streamline operational reliability; fast track fabrication and assembly. Rp Technik Australia prides itself to work with contractors who have short dead lines providing a quality product that meets all cost budgets. Contact us today. Phone: 9399 6957 Email: Web:

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