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Advantages of Steel

Incredible strength and security Steel is the strongest material on the market for curtain walls, partitions, windows and doors. Steel frames will last a lifetime, most likely outliving the buildings they are installed into. By direct comparison, they are three times stronger than aluminium.

Elegant sight lines The slimline profiles allow the slimmest possible sightliness on the market. Welcoming light into any space and making the most of every view.

Security Steel provides superior resistance to burglary and attack.

Longevity and low maintenance All systems are galvanized then powder-coated to any colour providing design flexibility with an architectural finish.

High thermal and weather performance Incorporating the latest thermal barriers and weatherproofing steel provides high performing systems that will reduce energy bills.

Sustainability Around the world more steel is recycled every year than the total of paper, aluminium, glass and plastic combined.

Historic replacement The design flexibility offered by steel together with exceptional durability makes steel an excellent choice in renovation projects.

Fire rated Rigorous fire testing has been conducted on RP Technik steel profiles. With a variety of operable and fixed designs, the addition of steel to a design can provide the highest fire protection.

Special applications Steel systems can be designed to meet the most stringent building requirements for both blast, fire and impact resistance.

Steel Glazing Systems

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