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Steel Windows & Doors for Marine and Coastal Environments

Steel Windows & Doors for Marine and Coastal Environments Classic design with contemporary engineering.

The steel profile range from Rp Technik Australia includes systems to construct steel framed glass facades, windows and doors that will leave a lasting impression.

Understanding the risks of specifying powder coatings in marine and coastal environments can ensure your project and reputation stand the test of time.

Harsh marine and coastal environments expose windows and doors to winds and chemicals such as sea salts. If the powder coat system used is unsuitable, water, dirt and salt particles can potentially permeate the film and corrode the steel.

A top-grade powder coating can only be expected to perform if the metal it is protecting is prepared correctly.

Depending on the base metals, particularly in a marine or coastal environment, coating systems may require an element of metal preparation, use of primers and a specific grade of a top coat powder coat technology in order to provide protection, durability and performance.

The general presumption that if a single top coat is deemed “durable” then little, if any metal pre-treatment is considered, or for that matter understood for aggressive environments.

This is incorrect and will often lead to catastrophic in situ failures such as fading, flaking, delamination or severe corrosion over a relatively short period of time when exposed to aggressive atmospheres.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee performance, often the product must be prepared and applied by an approved applicator for the warranty to apply.

Interpon PZ Primers – Advanced Active Corrosion Protection.

Zinc primers are renowned for their superior corrosion protection properties. Without adequate corrosion protection, in harsh environments steel will corrode prematurely leading to potentially expensive maintenance costs or even complete product replacement. lnterpon PZ epoxy zinc powder primers provide a high-performance anti-corrosion solution, delivering proven benefits:

• Can be topcoated with durable polyester powder topcoat

• Demonstrated protection against corrosion and rust

• Cost effective

• Environmentally friendly (No VOC's - low environmental impact)

• Ease of application

• Excellent edge protection

• Tough and durable - high resistance to damage

• High material utilisation - low applied cost

• International track record

• Compatible with a wide range of topcoats

• Excellent salt spray performance

• Rapid turnaround of components

The Application Process: lnterpon PZ Primer is applied by Electrostatic application. The powder fluidises as a conventional powder and sprays as a conventional powder, removing any need for special application equipment.

The lnterpon PZ System provides outstanding corrosion protection combined with the excellent exterior durability of the lnterpon polyester powder range. • Abrasive blast clean (Class SA 2.5, blast profile 35-65µm)

• lnterpon PZ Primer (60-S0µm)

• lnterpon polyester topcoat (60-S0µm)

As an alternative for less aggressive environments a chemical pre-treatment can be used but reduced performance is to be expected. lnterpon PZ zinc-based primers have a proven anti-corrosion track record performance globally.

Interpon PZ Primers are used in a wide range of applications:

• Architectural metalwork

• Liquid propane gas-tanks

• Fencing

• Truck trailers and chassis

• Structural steelwork

• Balustrades

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